The Beader's Guide to Color

"This is a must-have book about the use of color in beadwork. Beautifully illustrated throughout, this book is important for anyone wishing to understand the use of color in artwork." -Paula S. Morgan,

The only book of its kind written specifically for bead artists, The Beader's Guide to Color teaches beaders of all levels everything they need to know about color to create unique and vibrant beadwork designs. Author and artist Margie Deeb discusses in depth the psychological and symbolic associations of all the colors of the spectrum, and the ways in which color can be used to create and accentuate pattern, rhythm, and movement. Twenty-one color schemes are described and illustrated in detail with accompanying projects.

Interweave Press's special publication, BEADS 2006, named The Beader's Guide to Color as one of the top 20 beading books on the market.

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• Includes more than twenty jewelry and art projects that demonstrate important color concepts

• Provides easy-to-follow instructions for beginners on stringing, loom weaving, and basic off-loom stitches

• Offers an extensive bibliography of color reference books and material

• Over 75 color palettes illustrated and designated by Delica number

• Features stunning examples of beadwork by thirty-nine of today's leading bead artists including:

Jeanette Ahlgren
Frieda Bates
Janet Baty
Linda Breyer
Peter Ciesla
Alice Walker
Jeannette Cook
Suzanne Cooper
SaraBeth Cullinan
Margie Deeb
Wendy Ellsworth
Jennifer Fain
Margo C. Field
Diane Fitzgerald
Ina Golub
Barb Grainger
Anne Hawley
Valerie Hector
Mary Hicklin
Mel Jonassen

Karen Lewis
Liz Manfredini
NanC Meinhardt
Jennie Might
Kristy Nijenkamp
Jacque' Owens
Karen Paust
Don Pierce
Kimberley Price
Madelyn C. Ricks
E. Annie Scarborough
Mary Tafoya
Rebecca Brown-Thompson
Nancy Tobey
Carol Wilcox Wells
Laura Willits
Carol S. Zilliacus
Ann Tevepaugh Mitchell
Cheryl Cobern-Browne

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$21.95 (U.S. Dollars)
144 pages.
8 1/2 x 11 inches.
320 color illustrations.
published by Watson-Guptill Publications.