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Dance of the Undines
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Product Image

Dance of the Undines ?2003 by Margie Deeb (Designed by Margie Deeb; created with the beading assistance of Frieda Bates) Glass beads, 24kt gold plated glass beads, glass, and acrylic. Acrylic base designed by Margie Deeb 29" x 21" x 7" $ 15,900 US dollars Shipping and insurance to be determined The element of water is personified in Undines, those ineffable, invisible beings of movement. "Dance of the Undines" is study of the movement of color within the movement of water. As if submerged, the nine scalloped panels gently float from two acrylic bars above a bed of ocean colored glass rocks. Like hidden treasures, flecks of 24kt gold sparkle throughout the weaving. The wave forms repeat themselves in the acrylic base designed by Margie specifically for this creation. Everything about this piece is fluid, gentle, and undulating. The only one of its kind, "Dance of the Undines" is a stunning and beautiful work of art perfect for a corporate or residential interior. To view enlarged images, click here This piece is the only of its kind Margie has created. Your order will be filled on a "first come, first serve" basis.