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Bronze & Green Loop Collar and Earrings
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Product Image

Bronze & Green Loop Collar and Earrings ?2006 Margie Deeb Hand woven Czechoslovakian faceted beads Necklace: 10 1/2" long Earrings: 3 1/4" long $ 229 US dollars for the set This lush ornamental design will be featured in Margie's next book (publication date: Spring 2008). The color palette is that of the Japanese beetle, with its gorgeous metallic bronze, green, and chartreuse sheen. A lavish weaving of draped sparkle to adorn any neck. Try it with a strapless dress! Sterling silver necklace clasp; vermeil or sterling earring hooks (please specify). This set is the only of its kind Margie has created. Your order will be filled on a "first come, first serve" basis.