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Color Wheel (CMY) - 7 3/4"
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Use the same color wheel Margie uses when she works and teaches: the CMY wheel, in which the primary colors are cyan, magenta, and yellow. Because this wheel is 7 3/4" in diameter, it can be easier to work with than its little sister.

As explained in The Beader's Guide to Color, the use of the cyan-magenta-yellow primaries creates a broader, more luminous range of colors than the traditional yellow-red-blue primaries of the artists? wheel we learned about as kids. This is especially important to bead artists who work with a wide range of colors, yet cannot mix their colors as painters do. If you are a bead artist who creates jewelry, working with a wide range or purples, violets, pinks, and teals and blue-greens becomes critical to your palette.

Pure colors, tints, tones, and shades are represented. Color relationships such as complementary, split complementary, triads, and tetrads are easily located with a spin of the wheel. 7 3/4" diameter.

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