Your Work

Send us your interpretations of a Margie Deeb pattern so the world can enjoy your creativity:

margie [ at ] margiedeeb [ dot ] com

Janis Garich made a beautiful version of the Collar of Glass & Light in coppers and verdigris dagger beads. Project instructions available in The Beader's Color Palette. Different colored kits available here.

Using the "Thai Multi-Strand bracelet" project from The Beader's Color Palette, Janis Garich added her own flavor of colors... and they are inspiring. I especially like the peaches and pinks combined with the browns and greens.

Julie Kirk makes a beautiful emerald green version of "The Golden Earring" from Beading Her Image.

A luxurious version of a "Mandira" from The Beader's Guide to Color, Terah Hernandez drapes a silk cord and tassel from the bottom! I also like seeing her flipped horizontally, so the large earring is now on the right side rather than left, as it is in the book.

Using peyote stitch, SaraBeth Cullinan made simple straps that allow the focus of "The Glamour" from Beading Her Image to remain the portrait. Note how the edges incline diagonally toward the straps. This is much more aesthetically pleasing than if they were stitched to end horizontally. These diagonal lines enhance the scooped out collar area of the center section.

SaraBeth Cullinan changed the designates colors for Arabian Nights so they are more analogous, and added a brilliant sparkle of gold cut beads, resulting in a sophisticted, mellow color scheme.

Look what Linda Thompson-Mills of Pleasant Hill, California has created using the "Nouveau" pattern from Out On A Loom. The omission of the amber gold and a background of rich blue (rather than raspberry) change the piece, making it feel more solid and quiet.

Keith Pearson took "Nouveau" (from Out On A Loom) and made it his own, with a cooler, more masculine color scheme and repeating the face motif in the straps. Notice how he re-designed the bottom above the fringe, so it ends with the large, sweeping curve, omitting the final right-sweeping curve. Frieda Bates assisted with the weaving. Both pairs of earrings are gorgeous. What a success!

Frances Hill-Tornese wove "Owl FLight" according to the pattern in Out On A Loom. Notice her exquisite fringe.

The tapestry pattern "Purple Garden" comes to life in the masterful weaving of Joanne Muzzy.

This is one of the most creative interpretations of a pattern yet. Lela Holcomb loomed "Grace" from Beading Her Image and stuffed it, making it dimensional, bas-relief beadwork. She finished the edges with a fancy stitch incorporating 4mm faceted amber beads.

Medina Franco wove green into her version of "Snake Goddess" from Beading Her Image and I love it. This new color strongly accentuates the snake-like curve of the left arm, and makes the piece more playful.